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Blisters are superficial fluid filled lesions which typically result from some sort of friction or pressure (ie excess activity or poor fitting shoes). Blisters can also occur in someone with thin skin, poor circulation, or someone with uncontrolled swelling/edema. Symptoms include localized discomfort, or drainage of fluid (if blister has popped). In Diabetic patients who have a hard time with sensation (neuropathy), blisters can sometimes lead to infections if left untreated chronically. The same situation applies to those who have chronic swelling or poor circulation in their legs or feet. Healthy patients who frequently get blisters are also recommended to seek treatment to find the underlying cause of their condition.

Treatment typically involves conservative therapy. The underlying condition is traditionally treated (for example, if you have chronic swelling then we may consider compression therapy if appropriate). Diabetic patients may end up getting some degree of a wound which is also treated at the office. For those without much underlying conditions, shoe gear and pressure points will be assessed. If need be, a sample of the blistered skin may be taken and sent to a lab for further analysis.

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