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Circulation of the lower extremities is crucial to good overall health. For those who are Diabetic, have lower extremity swelling, wounds/ulcerations, or a history of circulation problems, having a circulation test is the best non-invasive first step to finding out more about your condition. The test involves placing several blood pressure cuffs along the arms and legs, and a comparison is done to the blood pressure at each segment. This will allow us to assess the severity of the circulation problem. It will also expedite the process in getting you into the next step. We work with some great vascular surgeons who can help more with your circulation conditions, and this test will allow us to give them some basic information. 

Even if you currently do not experience any symptoms of poor circulation, having an annual checkup will allow us to keep an eye on things and take action sooner if problems do arise. The key to effective treatment is prevention. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.

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