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We offer a cutting edge digital X-ray at our main Essexville office. The machine features only 1 digital plate, as opposed to multiple plates required in older machines, which saves time during positioning while the images are being obtained. Also, our X-ray plate wirelessly transmits the image onto our computer system in a matter of seconds, and the computer then takes a few more seconds to transfer the image onto the screen in your examination room. This again is a great time saver, and often the whole process is done prior to you getting back to your room!

In addition to the speed and time benefit of this X-ray system, having a digital image also means higher resolution and greater image clarity compared to more traditional X-rays. It also allows us to enhance the image and zoom in on various places, allowing us to catch more minute details.

In summary, our digital X-ray is not only much faster, but also more clear compared to traditional X-rays. While there is always a very small dose of radiation associated with X-rays, these machines are designed to be well within safety limits. Our digial X-rays help enhance the diagnosis process while saving time. X-rays are very useful in allowing us to see bony structures.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have further questions or are in need of a quality X-ray done.

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