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Our office features a surgical suite, where more minor procedures can be performed. We sterilize all of our instruments in-house with a certified machine and have basic suture supplies on hand. Prior to having surgery done, we will provide local anesthesia to the area via local injection. You should not feel any pain or discomfort past this point. We do offer Valium to further calm the patient down during surgery. The surgical site will be fully draped in a sterile fashion where you will not be able to see anything from your end. You are more than welcome to bring in some distraction devices (magazine, headphones/music player).

Advantages (Compared to Hospital):

  • Significantly less pre-operative waiting time and paperwork. Most hospitals require you to be there several hours prior to surgery. We typically ask you to be there 30 mins in advance.

  • Lower volume of people, especially sick people. Other patients in the hospital tend to be sicker, while patients that visit our office are usually there for routine items. And of course, in general there are far fewer people in our office compared to a hospital.

  • Very low risk of anesthesia. You will not be put to sleep as we do not have an Anesthesiologist. The only anesthesia you will receive is locally, which tends to stay in one area.

  • Relatively quick procedure/overall wait time. Since there is no anesthesia administered, there is no recovery to wait in. Typically, once you are done with the surgery, you are pretty much done!

In summary, our in-office surgical suite provides a safer and quicker alternative to the hospital for smaller procedures. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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