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***Under construction*** Will have to put more styles online. If interested, please get in touch with us!


These shoes are specially made for Diabetics. They tend to be wider, and offer more depth and room for toes. Also, these shoes feature 3 sets of Diabetic inserts. The inserts are soft and well cushioned, all in an effort to reduce pressure on Diabetic feet. In turn, the roomier shoes and accomodative inserts reduce the chance of pressure sores or wounds. These shoes may be covered (or partially covered) by the insurance, especially if you have Medicare and are Diabetic (currently, you would qualify for a new one every year). Please feel free to browse the styles which are available.


For those patients who are interested, we do offer a more custom fitment in the office where we measure your exact foot size and width. One of our physicians will also perform a Diabetic foot examination. A more custom insert option is also available, especially recommended for those with a more unique foot shape or a history of wounds/ulcerations. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

Men's Diabetic Shoes and Inserts

  • All sales are final. Please be double check before ordering. If item does not match what you ordered, please call us immediately.

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