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While our specialty is mostly in the foot and ankle, we also perform a variety of soft tissue treatments on the hands. Please note that the state of Michigan only allows Podiatrists to perform soft tissue procedures in the hands. More extensive work involving bones/joints should be referred to an orthopedic hand specialist. Our services typically include the following.


Much like toenails, there are a variety of issues that can arise with fingernails. Pathologies seen can range from thickened/discolored nails (fungus usually) to signs of skin cancer (dark streaks within the nail) and many other items in between. At the office, we usually like to obtain a sample of the nail and send it to a pathology lab for further testing. Also, we offer trimming of fingernails for those patients who have a hard time doing it themselves.

Skin Conditions/Lesions:

There are a certain number of skin conditions or lesions that may befall the hand. Warts can be found pretty commonly on the hand. Select areas of the skin may be red, itchy, or irritated. There may also be areas of thickened, peeling, calloused skin. In addition, sometimes there are localized dark pigments on the skin. If you notice a change in size, shape, or color over time there is a likelihood that the lesion may be a form of skin cancer. With all these various conditions, we offer an array of topical medication as well as biopsy (sample taken sent to a lab) options depending on your condition and situation.

Soft tissue mass or cyst:

A soft tissue mass or cyst generally present as a lump with may be present anywhere within the hand. Soft tissue masses tend to be more solid and are filled with a certain type of tissue. Cysts tend to be softer and fluid filled, usually presenting along a friction area such as a tendon or joint. We offer an array of more conservative options to start (taking a sample and sending it to a lab), but also offer soft tissue surgical options.

Treatment of all these conditions usually begin more conservatively. If there is uncertainty, then a sample will be taken and sent to a lab. If necessary, we do offer soft tissue surgical procedures on the hand. Each surgery is on a case by case basis.

For more information, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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