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Sports Medicine refers to the care of athletic injuries. The more common things we see include ankle sprains, foot sprains, tendon irritation, fractures, neuromas/nerve pain, heel pain, pain in the ball of the foot and more. Feel free to click the links for a more in-depth explanation of the conditions mentioned previously.

Sports related injuries typically occur due to activity of some sort. It can be during hard exercise, or simply by stepping on an uneven surface. Symptoms have a wide range as well, from excruciating pain (typically a severe sprain or ligament tear, or fracture), to a sharp shooting pain (nerve impingement, neuroma), to a more mild pain (a lower grade sprain, plantar fasciitis). These are of course just a few examples. Often times, there is a feeling of instability within a joint. Other times, there might not even necessary be an traumatic injury, but things like heel pain can limit you from your favorite activity.

Treatment generally begins conservatively and includes some initial X-rays and some degree of immobilization. Other treatment methods include injection, ultrasound, orthotics/arch supports, and more depending on the issue at hand. If these measures are insufficient for treatment, then we offer a wide range of surgical services to repair the damaged area. We also work with some great physical therapy professionals as well. Our goal is to get you back to activity ASAP. Like any other medical condition, the sooner we can evaluate your issue, the sooner we can begin a treatment plan. Please feel free to get in touch with us as soon as you can.

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